Elle Gourmet Multi-Use Slicer
Elle Gourmet Multi-Use Slicer
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Elle Gourmet Multi-Use Slicer

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  • Safe Slicing: When using an Elle Gourmet Mandoline or Slicer Set, you can rest assured that your fingers and hands will stay away from harm while prepping food.
  • Cutting Options:  Each comes with its own attachments and parts to help you achieve precision when preparing meals.
  • Even Pieces: Slice, cut or chop with the assurance that the end result will be even pieces, all of the same size or thickness.
  • Added benefits: 9-Piece Mandoline Set comes with an included bowl to reduce mess and cleanup. 4-Piece Mandoline Set is adjustable so you can set the thickness of each slice to your own preference.
  • Premium Quality: Each set is made with durable materials that are meant last. Enjoy your new slicer or mandoline for years to come.